Sunday, November 17, 2002

Is this how they do it?

It seems like a pretty easy recipe:

Pick the most vile, hated group you can think of. In this case, pedophiles.

Make the case that if we just implanted a chip in these people, we'd be able to track them and we'd all rest much easier.

Also make the case for including ways to monitor heartbeat and respiration, suggesting that by doing so, the police might be able to predict and prevent an attack.

The next step: "Well, it's worked so well for the pedophiles. Let's do the same thing to everyone who's ever been convicted of a DUI."

Then: "That's been great. Let's implant them in "at risk" populations so we can prevent them from doing crimes."

Then: "It's okay. This chip will allow us to keep tabs on your child. That way he can never be abducted."

Strange days indeed.


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