Monday, November 25, 2002

More about fuel efficiency

I mentioned the other day that Bush has a penchant for occassionally doing the "right" thing (according to my admittedly liberal p.o.v.).

One reader pointed out that the devil is in the details -- the fuel efficiency standards being pushed by the Bushies are only a very moderate increase. This is true, and it points up what I haven't said yet about Bush's "do the right thing" act ... its something that he tends to do in order to quell the loyal opposition. Sometimes the things he does have a real, positive impact. Other times it's just window dressing.

It's pretty clear that something has to be done about our insane appetite for oil. None of us is guilt-free in this. Virtually every grown U.S. citizen drives some sort of vehicle -- and judging by sales trends, people just don't seem to care about the consequences. I think Arrianna Huffington says it well in her most recent column:

"These are the same folks who don't give a whit (this being a family newspaper) that at an OPEC meeting last month, the oily group's secretary general announced that one of the few bright spots in an otherwise gloomy world was the U.S.'s seemingly unslakable thirst for its product. How nice it must feel for SUV owners, knowing that their swaggering imprudence is helping the world's anti-democratic oil sheiks sleep just a little better at night. Call this camp the Bigger Is Better crowd. Their motto: "Burn, baby, burn...30 percent more carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and 75 percent more nitrogen oxides than passenger cars." How about this for a bumper sticker: "Honk if you hate the Ozone layer!" "


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