Tuesday, November 19, 2002

There's something about Bush

As a long-time Texas voter, I've been a "constituent" of George W. Bush for many years now. Back when he was governor of Texas, I noticed that he had a real penchant for occasionally doing something that would surprise me.

Oh, sure, most of the time it seemed he was merely a tool for business interests. But I think that once in a great while, his wife or someone would get to him and he would do the right thing on some sort of policy issue. However, those "right things" were too far and few between for me to ever feel comfortable casting my vote for the man.

I think that Bob Woodward's new book will have the same effect on many of my fellow travelers. Bush can be surprisingly nuanced in his understanding of what power he has and how he uses it. And the man does seem to recognize his faults ('impatient' and 'talks too much in meetings'). I still think his personal style translates poorly to the world stage. And I also think that Bush is a bit removed from what real people need from tax reform. But maybe he'll come around -- now that the Republicans are running the show, maybe Bush will begin to show his true centrist colors. Maybe.

Oh, and kudos to John McCain for showing some backbone.


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