Friday, November 22, 2002

These are the good old days

It used to be said that anyone could grow up to be president. Nowadays, it seems you have to be part of the "family" to even get considered. (Note that Bush and Gore are both children of successful politicians).

We may be in for more of this crap. See for yourself.

Molly knows crap when she sees it

Nice quote from Molly Ivins:

"For those who relish irony, there's a comical extent to which liberals are the new conservatives, exactly where the old principled Republicans used to be -- reluctant to get involved in foreign wars, suspicious of foreign entanglements, harping on fiscal responsibility and worried about constitutional freedoms."

Read more about it here.

Just in time for Christmas!

The GOP wants you to believe that they care about the little guy.

That's a good one!

And last but not least ...

Local control?


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