Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Drug Habits of the Rich and Famous

Elvis would be proud ...

Santa Claus ain't goin' nowhere

My kids are well past the age requiring a belief in a magical elf who brings presents. In fact, this year, my wife turned tradition on its head and let the kids buy all their own presents "from Santa" -- they just can't have them until Christmas day.

Bah humbug? Maybe. But at least the kids will get exactly what they want. Mom and Dad won't have to make a "best educated guess." They'll still have plenty of surprises. I'm thinking this is a brilliant plan; the last couple of years, the kids have found where the gifts were stashed and knew well beforehand what they were getting anyway. Now they think they know what they're getting.

Yeah, the kids are older and Christmas just isn't as "magic" as it used to be for them. But at least we don't have to spend the next couple of weeks like these folks.


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