Friday, October 25, 2002

Welcome to the Century of Crap.

It's obvious. That is when we are. The Century of Crap.

It couldn't have started better. Who can forget the turn of the century? Woo hoo! We still don't have a freakin' clue who the president is!

As if most people cared. Could we have had two worse candidates? One guy an automaton, the other a puppet. Two ends of the same spectrum. Yes, a fitting introduction to the Century of Crap.

And then there's the dotcom implosion. Well, it's really more than that, isn't it? Turns out that all these folks who had grand ideas about the new way of doing business were really full of crap. Some of us knew it, but no one listened back then. Now we're paying for it with lost jobs and depleted 401(K) plans. Welcome to the Century of Crap.

Of course, who can forget the events of 9/11? Or the aftermath? And just where is Osama Bin Laden? Iraq?

Welcome to the Century of Crap.

But all is not lost. You see my friends, there is hope.

This may sound odd to you. Where can we turn in these times of trouble?

I say, "That doesn't matter."

I say, "Learn to love the Century of Crap."

It's that simple. You have no choice. You are here, with the rest of us, in the Century of Crap. There is nothing you can do to change it. It simply is.

Some folks may get by with Jesus. Others with Mohammed. Still more ... most of you out there ... get by with a little help from all sorts of places and people and things. All these are adjunct to the Century of Crap. Once you truly understand this, once you can live it, it all becomes so much easier.

Join me on this journey. Join me in trying to understand and accept the Century of Crap