Monday, January 13, 2003

Glory Be on High

Really, actually, the more I think about this, the more it begins to make sense.

Same ol' same ol' crap
Scoobie has been on about neocon media star Michael Savage. I guess for right-wing A.M. radio fans, Savage is the second coming of Rush. Here's some of Savage's best prose:

"Just as we were crossing the crosswalk, a cab tried to cut us off and almost killed six of us. I naturally turned around and screamed at the driver, ‘Go back to where you came from,’ and that type of thing. He was a swarthy Middle Easterner, but I couldn’t have cared less."

Who are the people who buy these books and listen to this radio show?

Whoever they are, they're eating this crap up. Oh, I know who they are. You don't run into them so much in the high-tech industry, where I work, but they're all around me in Texas, where I live.

A good friend of mine works in the insurance industry and sees a lot of guys who sound suspiciously like Savage. They can put up a nice, civilized front, but when you're with the rest of the good old boys, no shade of brown skin is light enough or successful enough. These are the guys who will take the family to church on Sunday and hook up with the girlfriend on Monday.

They'll say, "You know, the problem with you liberals is that you *feel* too much," yet they lap up the visceral verbiage spewed out daily by right-wing talkshow hosts. Is it just that they're "going along with the program" because all they ultimately care about is accumulating as much wealth and power as possible?

That they vote overwhelmingly (universally?) Republican is no big surprise. I've read some discussion of demographic trends that point to the coming eclipse of this WASPublican profile by ethnic minorities, specifically blacks and hispanics. The RNC party knows that appealing to this base is key, which is one reason Lott got dropped.

I suspect, though, that the RNC has a long way to go. Consider this statement by California Republican Party Secretary Shannon Reeves:

"As a Bush delegate at the 2000 convention in Philadelphia, I proudly wore my delegate's badge and (Republican National Committee) lapel pin as I worked the convention. Regardless of the fact that I was obviously a delegate prominently displaying my credentials, no less than six times did white delegates dismissively tell me (to) fetch them a taxi or carry their luggage."

Why would someone put up with this?

I don't know.


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