Saturday, January 25, 2003

On the Road Again

As an employee of Very Large Corporation, I have the privelege from time to time of traveling to some of our nation's finest locales on the company dime.

This past week was one such occassion (and that's why there haven't been any updates -- I still have enough ethics to not use VLC computer resources for personal gain/pleasure).

Our destination? Sunny Orlando, Florida. To be specific, the Disney World Resort. Every year, VLC hosts a "university" of sorts for its sales and technical sales folks. My job is sorta-kinda technical sales, so my bosses sent a group of us.

What can I say about the land of the hanging chad? Not much. I can tell you that every meal and drink that I paid for myself within the confines of Disney were very overpriced. They're not much for offering non-name brands. You want a "dark" beer? Michelob Amber Bock. I kept looking for a Mickey Beer ... you'd figure that Disney would have long ago jumped on the brew-pub bandwagon, but no dice.

The hotel I stayed in looked as if it were built and decorated in 1986 ... and not updated since. At $150 a night, you'd expect more than a heavily stained couch and ugly, pastel prints. Hell, there wasn't even a minibar for me and my roommate to waste money on. And the hotel bar closed at 10 p.m. every night. Oh well.

There was some good news waiting for me when I got home. The band has been invited to SXSW 2003. That's something, at least.


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