Friday, February 07, 2003

The Big Dog Speaks

Bill Clinton voiced his support for the Bush administration's handling of Iraq on Larry King last night:

And if that's true, it means Mr. Blix and his inspectors might never get to do the job that they were appointed to do. So I think that we need to listen to Blix, listen to the Secretary Powell and I still hope the United Nations can act together on this and I think there's still a chance we can.

And, you know, there's still a chance that Saddam Hussein will come to his senses and disarm.

KING: You support the president?

CLINTON: I think that he's doing the right thing now.

In related news, Atrios links to Bush's Poodle.

Why do I get the feeling that if Bush had half the communication skills of Clinton, we'd be in downtown Baghdad by now?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the left blogosphere is silent about Clinton's appearance. Personally, I'm not surprised at Clinton's "vote of support" -- this is the man who drug us "kicking and screaming" into conflicts in the Balkans and Somalia. I wonder, though, if he buys into the whole New American Century thing?

This is what it all boils down to -- a separation of those who truly oppose war on moral grounds and those who oppose it on political grounds. They aren't one in the same, although political extremists at both ends of the spectrum would have you believe otherwise.


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