Friday, February 14, 2003

Lord, it's good to be back home again

Saw the pictures of AA guarding DC. Nothing quite like that on my travels. A few more cops on the street in the historic downtown Philadelphia area adjacent to the U.S. Mint and Federal Reserve Bank building there. No automatic weapons at the airport, just mandatory shoe-taking-offing.

Spent 30 minutes Wednesday night in the bar of the Holiday Inn Historic District, reading, or trying to, while some dude ranted on about "turning the place into a parking lot" and "treasonous liberals with income redistribution schemes" and "what we need is a more nationalistic attitude." Discretion being the better part of valor, I farted as I passed on my way back to the room to catch some "All War, All The Time" teevee programming.

Play Gulfwar 2.5

Idlewild has this:
This is a projection of the most likely outcome of a new war in the Gulf. I used sophisticated temporal algorithms and historical semiotic analysis to achieve an accuracy rating of 99.999%. It's the mother of all Flash games.

In other news

Melodyboy has metamorphed. Kevin will be joined by me, his brother, our old buddy Eric and Sean at South by Southwest. This change will be very interesting. Both Steve (Kevin's brother) and Eric bring multi-instrumental capabilities. I wouldn't be surprised to see Eric and Steve switching off on keys and drums. Steve will be picking up the guitar, and three-part harmonies are sure to be a regular feature. As the Melodyboy SXSW bio states -- "Always a suprise."

John, our former drummer is none-too-happy. Would you be? I don't expect we'll be playing at Mother Egan's anytime soon ...


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