Tuesday, March 18, 2003

And now, a word from our sponsors

If anyone had any illusions that war in Iraq might be avoided, they were shattered last night. It's clear from Bush's statements that he wants to send the boys and girls of our armed forces in sooner rather than later. His ultimatum giving Saddam and Sons to quit the country with in two days seems designed to achieve war in our time.

There's nothing that can be done to stop it. Protests will (and should) continue, but no one with any power stop the Bush Juggernaut will step up to the plate. Congress has proven itself to be a motely collection of cowards and hypocrites, refusing to do their Constitutional duty and issue an actual declaration of war. No, a resolution supporting Bush isn't
the same thing.

So now that the rock has been pushed over the precipice, we can only hope for the best. My hopes are that Saddam doesn't act like a lion backed into the corner and lash out with whatever biological hell he's still got; that he doesn't lash out at Israel, causing them to lash back with nukes; that whenever the fighting ends, Bush and Co. are actually able to keep a lid on the roiling ethnic conflict just waiting to explode in Iraq; that North Korea, seeing us preoccupied, doesn't ratchet up the rhetoric further with action; and that the Chinese, seeing us preoccupied, don't decide that the time is ripe for Taiwan to rejoin the mainland.

These are just a few of my hopes.


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