Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I received this email from a friend today:

"Greetings. I have tried to compile a list of people that should know about Glynn’s condition. If there is anyone that I have left off, please forward this along to them. I will also summarize the events of the past three days in case you have not been updated. On Friday night Glynn was brought to the hospital with severe head pain and nausea. He was quickly admitted to the hospital and put into the ICU. Over the next few days it was determined that a bacterial infection of Strep-A had overtaken his lungs and progressed into the outer lining of the brain. On Monday it was determined that this was causing severe swelling in his brain. All treatment attempts were made, but [Tuesday] the neurologist said that he is brain dead. They are conducting one last test [Wednesday] morning at 8 am where they will inject a stimulant into the brain to see if they can get any activity at all. The Doctor’s feel, at this point, that this is a formality and are not expecting a change in his condition. “

"Unfortunately, as expected, the final test didn’t provide any indication that there was any brain activity. The family decided to have him be an organ donor, so he is still on life support while the body is prepared for this procedure. This should take about 24 hours. Funeral services are tentatively scheduled for Saturday around 11 a.m. at either the St. Stephens Chapel or Kealing Jr. High auditorium. I do not have an address to send flowers/cards at this point, but will pass it along to this list when it is made available to me. An obituary will appear in the Friday edition of the Austin American Statesman."

"For those in Austin, Glynn and his friends from Kealing had a tradition of spending Wednesday afternoons at the Crown and Anchor Pub. We will be going there at 4pm to raise a pint in his honor."

I didn't know Glynn Owens very well. I first met him through a mutual family friend, who taught with him at Kealing Middle School. My daughter attended Kealing, and though she never took a class from Glynn, she knew him and he knew her. Through our mutual friend, Glynn and I had several opportunities to just hang out and shoot the shit. Glynn had a rapier wit and a great intelligence.

More recently, I had happily discovered that Glynn also knew Bill Jerram -- I play bass for Bill. Glynn was a drummer (and bass player, among many other things) and Bill and I were hoping to get Glynn interested in our project, because good drummers are hard to find. The fact that I already knew him was icing on the cake.

But that's not going to happen now. Just one more event in the Century of Crap -- another good one taken from us in his prime. It's not fair.


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