Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On the Road

One of the requirements of my job is that occasionally I travel.

I typically try to make the best of these trips by taking in some of the local music scene. And if there's ever an Austin band playing where I'm visiting, I try to go see 'em.

Last night was one such night. The Gourds played at the Nash County Cultural Center, in Nashville, NC. I made an evening of it by driving the 60 miles to check out the show.

The Cultural Center is a refurbished church. It was $20 at the door, but the beer was free, as were the sandwiches and snacks. I talked to the boys in the band before the show ... they were a little uncertain about the venue. Rche, their soundman/road warrior complained that the room left the band sounding washed out. They'd been on the road three weeks and were looking forward to home.

That didn't matter to the 150 or so people who showed up. The band put on a great show and brought the audience out of the pews a couple of times. It's always great to see acquaintences draw a big crowd ... better yet when they're far from home. It was also interesting talking to the locals, a couple of whom asked "So, are you going to go see them close down the Mercury?"

These folks live a thousand miles from Austin, and yet they know about the Mercury. Interesting.


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