Friday, May 02, 2003

Where is Marty?

I've been pretty lax about posting anything lately. It's been, what, a month? I guess I've been busy, busy, busy.

It's not that there isn't anything to talk about. I mean, what about our glorious victory in Iraq? Never mind that the country has devolved into an anarchic fray of looting, massacres and other socioethnic conflicts. That'll teach em'! And if these numbers don't make the case, we can always do more.

It just all seems so eerily 1990. Bush wins war, but loses on the domestic front. That could be a headline from a paper today or 13 years ago. The April unemployment figures are out ... up to 6 percent now. And that's just the people reporting. There are plenty more out there too proud to take unemployment insurance, or just so fed up with it all that they've simply given up looking for work. I've seen some interpretations showing that actual unemployment hovers around 10 percent. Hm. I thought double-digit unemployment numbers were reserved only for inefficient Western European socialist democracies.

One of the more disturbing things I've seen recently is this:

"You have no right to hold us," Asher insisted.

"Yes, we have every right," responded one of the agents. "You are being held under the Patriot Act following suspicion under an internal Homeland Security investigation."

Reassuring, isn't it, to know that "they" are "watching out" for us?

To be perfectly honest with you, I've been staying away from the blog because I've essentially been trying my hardest to live in ignorant bliss. Oh, I still follow the news, but I try not to let it rile me. I focus on the good things in life: the fact I still *have* a job; the fact I have a great family; the fact I have great friends; the fact that I need to do some serious gardening work around the house. And focusing on those things has meant more time spent on them and less time on the Web, thus less (or no) time here.

I should make more of an effort, though, because this kind of writing is good for me. Check back next week and see if I follow up on that ..


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