Saturday, June 28, 2003

I'm Still Here

I was standing next to Will, the keyboard player with me in the Bill Jerram Band. We'd had an early Friday show and we were just hanging around afterwards, watching the headline act.

"I think 1994 was probably the best year," Will said out of the blue.

I pondered that for a second.

"Well, if you think about it, the 90s were just about the best decade," I said.

"Yeah, but now we're in the 21st century and it's supposed to be better."

"Yep," I said. "A Century of Crap."

"Yeah, it's pretty crappy alright."


I've been "busy" lately, and that has been some consolation. Work has been more intense lately, more evidence that that Very Large Corporation is now shinging a spotlight on the customer retention work that my group does. Surprisingly generous raise this year, considering the economic times. The raise is just in time to help pay for the costs associated with a third driver in the family, my daughter, who turned 16 earlier this month. We want to also try to squeeze in weekly music class this fall at the Natural Ear Music School, where my son just completed three weeks of camp.

It'll all come together. It usually does.


My music has been busy as well, with rehearsals and shows for both FBM and BJB. Both projects are getting better musically all the time. But both are also extreme exercises in scheduling at times. Almost everyone involved in both projects plays in other situations as well. Most of us are "professionals." We have white collar jobs, some of which require a lot of travel. Some of us have families.

But we manage to pull it together somehow, since everyone is driven by that desire to play music. While it can be fun to dream about "making it big," I'm not doing it for that reason. Few bands ever get lucky, and those who do seemingly all end up cursing their luck when the label drops them. Better to play on your own terms, record music on your own terms and sell it on your own terms.

I do have goals, though. I'd like to go to Europe. Either band I'm with could do that fairly easily. From what I hear, despite the disfavor America has in the world right now, American music is still big in Europe. Bill is more roots rock ... I could see it going over really well. But the pop rock of the McCarthys might find some fans as well.

We'll see.


Blogger has updated their editing tool. It looks a lot slicker -- nicer tabbed format. There appear to be some formatting errors because of the change ... I'll get around to fixing those at some point (I guess). Comments appear to be down right now ... I'll have to look in to whether that's related to the Blogger change.


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