Monday, July 14, 2003

Damned Drummers

For those of you out there who think that playing rock and roll is all fun and games ... well, it might be if I played enough.

The problem is drummers.

Exhibit A: My long-time friend Eric. Eric plays drums in the Fighting Brothers McCarthy. He also works for Big Computer Maker up in Round Rock. Eric was out on vacation last week, enjoying a cruise with his wife. That was okay, because Kevin, one of the BMs, was out of town on business. So, no FBM work got done.

But we all had plans -- Eric was back in town this week, Kevin was back in town and Steve was leaving town later in the week for a couple of days. Still, we planned on at least getting a couple of rehearsals in tonite and tomorrow, then pick up again next week when Steve returns.

Until Eric tells us he's being sent to Ireland for two weeks to work on a project.

Two weeks. He just got back from a week in India not long ago.

This is no way to run a rock and roll band.

Exhibit B: Slade, the drummer in the Bill Jerram Band. Slade's self employed, and he uses every hour of every day to further his career. Nothing wrong with that.

Except we haven't heard a word from him all day about a rehearsal schedule for this week. Via a near-constant email exchange, three of us have determined what days we're available, but not a word from Slade. I understand he gets busy ... still, one email telling us whether his schedule is open or not would be nice.

This is no way to run a rock and roll band, either.

Talking with Kevin about this, I think we've put our fingers on the problem.

We don't have losers for drummers.

See, everyone in both of these bands is gainfully employed in positions of some responsibility. Some of us have families to boot. We're "winners." We have lives.

Losers don't have lives. They work, maybe, in slacker jobs of little responsibility. That means they don't have the money to go out of town on long vacations. The certainly don't get sent out of town for weeks at a time. Of course, sometimes these losers really can't play very well either, so there is a tradeoff I suppose.

But who knew that "sticking with winners" equated to "hoist by our own petard."

Oh well.


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