Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Depends on what the meaning of "signficant quantities" is, huh?

The Bushies have been flushed out into the open regarding Dear Weader's statements that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa.

The president's statement in the State of the Union was incorrect because it was based on forged documents from the African nation of Niger, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Monday.

Hmm. His statement was "incorrect." Why can't Ari just come out and say it: "We lied"?

Now, according to my dictionary here, a lie is "to make a statement that one knows is false, esp. with intent to deceive." So the question becomes, "what did George know?"

From the same story above, it's clear that at least a few in the administration knew the Niger uranium story didn't have any substance:

"The question was asked of the CIA by the office of the vice president. The office of the vice president, I am absolutely convinced, received a very specific response to the question it asked, and that response was based upon my trip out there," Wilson said.

Here's how Plausible Deniability '03 goes: the president was given misinformation; he didn't know it was false, therefore he didn't lie.

OK. But someone did, someone apparently as high as the office of VP. There are enough questions here to warrant a wider investigation.

We spent millions of dollars trying to determine whether or not the previous president lied about getting a blowjob. Why do I not have any faith that we'll see a similar investigation of the current administration for statements with far greater consequences?


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