Monday, July 07, 2003

More Noodles

I made the noodles, though the recipe required a little creative adjustment. I can't decide whether that was what made the noodles a little al dente or if I just over/undercooked them. More experimentation is in order.

I Can't Decide

Here are my current options:

1. Mod my '98 Fender Jazz (made in Mexico) with a couple of Fender 60's Custom Shop pickups and a new tortiseshell pickguard. That would give me a new look and a better sound. But I'm concerned about the pickup size differential in the MIMs -- from what I've read, the bridge pickup slot needs a slight bit o' routing. I'm pretty sure I could do it -- my brother has an awesome set of tools -- but I'd sure hate to mung up my baby.

2. Hold off on any new purchases and continue to save my pennies to invest in a Geddy Lee signature Jazz (made in Japan). I'd probably put a new pickguard on, just so it wouldn't look so much like my current MIM. Better electronics than what I've got in my current bass. Thinner neck than the MIM, but the same bridge (I replaced the bridge on my '98 last year with a Leo Quan Badass II. Note: Geddy Lee was my first big inspiration as a bass player; I used to own a Rickenbacker bass that looked just like his -- I wish I'd never sold it. He's less of an influence on me these days, but the man has got tone.)

3. Hold off even longer and save even more pennies and invest in an American Jazz. Two-color sunburst with a maple fretboard. Tortiseshell pickguard, of course. (Are we sensing a theme here?). This would give me a bass with better electronics and, theoretically, better long-term value.

So, spend a relatively small amount of money for changes *now*, or delay my gratification and get an even better instrument.

I just don't know.


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