Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Not Surprising

The Republican-drawn redistricting plan has been upheld by a federal court. Expect a good deal of gloating from Texas Republicans, who are hell-bent on turning Texas into a one-party state. There will be a Supreme Court challenge, but I don't hold much hope that the same court that put Bush in office will decide in favor of the Democrats.

I think this is a short-term victory, however. The reason behind the redistricting effort is the realization by the GOP that demographic trends in the state are trending away from them. Rejiggering the districts is the only way that they can hold on to power at the national level. Even with the changes, demographics are bound to catch up with them. It's only a matter of time.

I hope that this "defeat" will further energize Texas Democrats, especially those (like me) who live in one of the new districts. What Republicans really want is for Democrats to simply give up. But if it's true that a majority of Texans are opposed to redistricting, then there is an awful lot of anger to be tapped. We may be down, but we're not out.


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