Thursday, June 24, 2004

I caught the Beastie Boys on Letterman the other night, and I was impressed. The BB's, rapping live on national television, came up out of a subway entrance near the Ed Sullivan Theater and rapped their way up the street and into the studio. Way cool street theater that fit perfectly within the concept of their latest disc To The Five Boroughs.

But now comes news of something that blows that respect out of the water. Supposedly, copies of the new CD contain an executable that gets copied to a computer's hard drive when the disc is put into the computer. The file lies dormant until the user tries to rip MP3s from the disc. At that point, the computer is deliberately infected with a virus.

If true, this represents a new low on the part of the music industry to stop what I think is an unstoppable train. And, to be quite honest, it seems to really hit at the street cred of the Beastie Boys. Then again, they are all pushing 40, so perhaps whatever street cred they had was lost long ago ..


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