Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am old

For those not in the know, part of ACL (and South by Southwest, too) is the after party -- once the venue is done and the scheduled bands have packed it in, other bands (sometimes the same bands from earlier in the day) play parties that run from midnight or so until 4 or 5 in the morning. Sometimes there aren't any bands, just a party.

Technically, because it's a party and the hosts aren't charging for beer, people can drink legally after the 2 a.m. bar closing time. Some are open to the public. Some are invitation-only.

The second annual "Wrong Side of the Tracks" after party took place at Gallery Lombardi last Friday night. The Fighting Brothers finished playing a show at the Hole in the Wall around midnight, so drummer Whit and I headed down to Lombardi. By the time we arrived, the party was going full blast -- a band was gearing up to play inside the gallery, and the street was jam packed with people.

As I was talking with a friend who was already at the party, I spotted something in the crowd that I wasn't quite prepared to see.

My daughter's "best friend" from third grade. We'll call this young lady "Elle" -- she's 18. She has pink hair. Oh, and she had twins when she was 15.

But there she was, cigarette in one hand, beer in the other, chatting with a group of friends. I guess the kids were with grandma.

Slightly shocking, but in a funny way, not a bad way. Hey, when I was her age, it wouldn't have been surprising to see me doing the same thing.

So I point out Elle to my various friends who are circulating about, and they all have a good laugh at the old guy who has now got his kid's peers showing up at parties thrown by *his* peers. One of these folks is a photographer. When I told her, she grabbed my hand and said, "Come on, we *have* to get a picture."

So we walked over. The photog said, "Hi, I want to get a picture of you two." I sidled up to Elle, put my arm around her shoulder and said, "Hi, how are you doing." I'm also pretty sure that at one point in the conversation I said "Isn't it past you kids' bed time?"

I can't wait to see the picture. I'm sure the expressions are priceless.

(Note: the young lady seemed to get rid of her beverage and cigarette pretty quickly. She also left shortly after -- before the police showed up to break up the party. Apparently, they were called after getting reports of underage party goers throwing rocks at the passing trains ...)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to the Blog

Ok, so I've had this blog sitting here for awhile gathering dust. I got tired of all the political stuff around, oh, last November.

But I've finally decided to dust the thing off, give it a new look and post more regularly. Yeah, it's still a Century of Crap. I might even post my thoughts on things political once in a while. But what you'll see more of is just general crap -- bits about things I'm doing, people I'm meeting, other crap I'm reading, music I'm hearing, etc. etc. etc.

I started out to delete a bunch of old posts, but some of 'em I kinda wanted to keep. Selective post deletion is a bit of chore in Blogger, so you can go back and dig around my brain in 04 and 05 if you want.

OK. Gotta go start supper. More later.