Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rehearsed with Summer Wardrobe today; we have a show tonight here in town and it has been a while since we've played. Well, not quite true -- we have been in the studio for the past few weeks. The great part about that is that the new material in the set shows some polish. Those songs sounded great. But we still needed to rehearse to get into that live set mode, not to mention to refresh ourselves on a couple of older tunes that are still in the set.

I joined the band in December, and since then we've had much discussion about getting some backing vocals into the mix. It's not something they've had a lot of before, although the bass player before me did step up occassionally. But I've been shying away, because I've never been able to get the singing and playing part down very well.

But I know that someone has to do it; the steel guitar player says he will, but says his voice is horrible. The drummer has already got a bunch of percussion stuff, etc. going on. Still, with the label putting our record out, and the certainty of touring to support it, it's a given that these songs are going to need some backing vocals to make our set shine.

So today in our rehearsal, I stepped up and tried to add some things here and there. The rest of the guys were very excited. It's not much, and I made a point to stay way off the mike.

Now to go and see if I've got the cojones to do it in front of a crowd.

Oh dear.